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The way we work - Our Concept

Our main aim is to deliver a high quality of education and care and thereby to ensure for optimum development of each child.

Working abroad we are challenged to embrace change and the unknown. The basis of our work is to create a sound social environment for children who grow up bi- or trilingual as well as for solemnly German-speaking children who are subjected to frequent change of country and change of housing. A specific focus of our work with the children is social values. Every practitioner in our Kindergarten will provide every child with the necessary love, warmth and safety.

Forest education plays a vital part in our ethos through which the children learn consideration towards the natural environment, experience the freedom our garden allows and practise healthy risk taking. The safe use of tools is also part of the routine at KISH.

The overall framework of our curriculum is set by the four seasons, German and multicultural festivities and traditions, as well as the EYFS.